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about us

Music Producer, Artist, Sound Designer, Songwriter, Composer, and DJ from the United States.  Appearing in  2015 


ABOUt us

Music producer, artist, songwriter, sound designer, composer, and DJ from the United States. Appearing in the underground electronic music scene in late 2015 with original music and remixes. Described as electric, engaging, "haunting and intense, Deftki shows how much you can do with a handful of notes." - writes the Splice Blog, 2018.  

This website is for the latest music, news, and media. Subscribers get downloads including; music, sample packs, presets, and Ableton projects. Members get more access; early projects, stems, archives, Ableton projects, Live instruments, racks, software presets, tutorials, special content, merch, and a place to join the community. 

Produced and organized in Ableton Live 10. Project files and sessions are structured and are rendered as high-quality audio at 24 bit by 48 kHz. Additional content added monthly. Click the link below to find out more about the studio, the equipment, or the software.

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