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MANY UPDATES: New music, Serum, and media.



New updates have been added to the XFER SERUM Collection! Now the download includes 258 presets, basses, leads, plucks, sound effects, saws, strings, and synths. We also included 200+ samples we recorded, created, sampled, and synthesized.

As our first extensive Serum Collection, we included a mixture of diverse presets and sounds. This Pack won't help you with only one genre; it spans multiple genres and styles. We made sure to put some good ones in there, including some of our custom basses used in our upcoming EP, '420-22.'

To get the word out, we lowered the price and updated the demo so you can test out a few free presets. Also, listen to a preview of some of the sounds used in DILOH, one of the tracks from 420-22. You can watch the video announcement here.

Looking into the future and over the summer, we'll have plenty of new music, maybe down the line a few more remixes, a couple of singles, lots of recording and synthesizing. If you didn't hear, we delayed our EP 'Dreamweaver', but it will be out soon. As for now, we're working on being more active online, so hope to see you out there. -Deftki

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