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Yee: Library changes:

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

We lose track of time when making music, but we're trying to stay more active; Looking forward to sharing more posts, being involved, as well as updating our blog and library more often. Additionally, new music is in the works, so we will have different tracks at some point. Finally, we wanted to mention: If you produce music, the library has free samples and midi. If you are an Ableton Live producer, there are live instruments, effects, and chains that could be useful. We're actively working to bring regular updates to the library, so keep looking for new additions. Also, good to add, if you're a member, you get the XFER Serum update (1.1) for free; check it out in the library's member downloads folder. More things will be on the way shortly; as for now, added a new remix in the member's section. Wish you all good, Deftki

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