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New Music - Web Changes - Remasters - Updates :

We made the website changes to make it easier for new members to listen to music, sign up, access the member's area, or become a paid sponsor. For new people, if you have yet to subscribe to the mailing list, it is good to do as we can contact you if the website is down for any reason.

Changes include the home page, members area, file- library, store products, and music collection category added to the web store. Additional updates will be coming in January, 2023. I, without any announcement, stopped being active with updates for several months because I have been just working through the hardest but best part of my life; hoping for dreams, working or waiting, and thinking more often. I have focused on other things, loved ones, family, and friends, and working on other big projects we will announce in the mid-future. I have been spending more time on music; soon, I will upload newly remastered or edited tracks and get them redistributed when they are ready. And get back to creating more new art during the winter.

For now: you can listen to some of the more recent uploads below: ––

//: GMT - (Bad) - Deftki

New Single, Melodic, Soul / R&B, Bass Music, Dubstep, [Get me through] -–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–

Out on Soundcloud, or at

SCW:12.24.22 - Streaming : ETA: Jan 23

//: "In the Dark I found you" - Deftki

Our 1st EP; Glitch, Downtempo, Soul, Jazz , R&B - lo-fi, Vocal, future, [EP]

-------------------------------------------------------- Out on Soundcloud, or at

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