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So here is the blog:

Updated: Aug 28, 2019



We have been keeping really busy, barely sleeping, and making tons of new music lately. If you can't bear to wait any longer, then go and check out the new music page for the latest singles. Also for members, don't forget to check the archive for the music as well.

You can expect plenty of new posts, media to our socials, and more on the timeline to our works. We have some upcoming singles, sample packs, and presets we've been making. For now, the end of August will feature new music, unusual art, and maybe even some extras. We're sure we will have plenty of new music in between, though we decided to release our upcoming EP in December of this year.

We don't know the future, though we know it may hold new remixes, plenty of collabs and definitely the unknown. Finally, we wanted to take the time to thank you all for supporting our music. Moreover, your help means everything to us, and we hope to create positive vibes while we're here.

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