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New Library updates:

We just updated the Deftki library, and you now have over an hour of music to listen to, a bunch of new samples we recorded, and 150 presets we made for Xfer Serum! We will be adding to the library as we continue to recover our work and create new music. We hope to add all clips, videos, and artwork over time.

Members now get the artwork for all of our original releases. The downloads include new tracks like 'Why Lie,' Half awake, and "Undone." Members can sign up here, and you can help to sustain our coffee habit. Seriously though, your contribution goes towards continuing to create new music, record samples, design sounds, and make new art and videos.

Additionally, if you missed our downloads on ToneDen, both members downloads, and free downloads have been added to the library. If you haven't subscribed to our mailing list, please consider it so we can keep you informed on new free downloads, projects, and news. Thank you again for your support and to all the new members and listeners that joined us!

-Deftki Blog

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