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Updates: Music, Art, More -

Added new tracks to the library, art, website changes, and weekly content.


Updates: - New Music, Art, Content / Changes -

July 10th, 2022 -

We have been working on music for other projects; New tracks have been added to the member's music playlist, content added to the member's library, and updates to different projects and audio on the site. It has been many months since our last post, primarily due to the volume of work, rest, and life in between. Newly rearranging and redefining our goal from general content creation to now include digital media; art, music, video, and store.

In my opinion, Some of the new music that might be worth checking out would be;

01: Dreaming in color, 02: Without you, and 03: The Moonlight Sonata. We mentioned this a few times before, but after a couple months off we're now working on more frequent uploads, and we will try to implement a simple schedule to provide content more often, with the goal to include: New Music, Ableton live projects, Samples, stems, and Presets.

Likewise, we also wanted to thank free online midi resources for making the moonlight sonata possible, and XLN Addictive Keys, Electric piano, and RC20. Finally, we have been creating audio and resources for another larger project with a part of / / V M C X . More information will be made available future when the Official announcement date is disclosed. Members will be invited to join the community. Thanks for supporting our music, check back and explore the library for the new content.

- Deftki

What do you want more often?

  • A: Only The Music, more classical covers too

  • B: Ableton projects, stems, samples, and presets

  • C: Media: Art, Video, and Photo,

  • D: Everything: make it all available if you can.

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