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Why Lie:

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

One of the four new releases arriving at the end of March, "Why lie," is the second release from Deftki in 2020, A Berkshire based music producer from the United States.

The song reveals a surreal world that stirs back in forth from the intentions of consciousness, nightmares, and a place of duality. The song draws from dreams and opens with the sound of an ominous storm. Distant voices are heard accompanied by faint strings, as the arrangement unfolds the chorus begins to bloom with synthesizers, bending notes of the piano, and the arrangement guided by the sound of the orchestra.

Comments on SoundCloud once said, "Why does this not have more plays!" In 2017, the blog mentioned "Say What You Wanted" by saying, "It changes enough to keep us feeling it all the way through."

As 2020 unfolds, Deftki plans to spend more time creating music, working on upcoming projects, finding new collaborations, and preparing for their forthcoming EP anticipated towards the end of the year. -Deftki Blog Link to Pre-save Why Lie:

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