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374 Useless presets for - Xfer-Records Serum;

I made or modified the sounds and presets throughout my time in music production. Long hours were spent experimenting and trying new avenues of sound. Some of the presets are unique; at least ten came out alright. It can be used for Multiple Genres, as the presets range from 374 different sounds, fx, leads, synths, bass, keys, and miscellaneous. These could be beneficial for a few reasons and mutually helpful in creating more projects, sounds, and songs in the future. The download could help music producers and artists learn, scaffold, and create new or similar sounds after understanding the technique. I worked on a lot of thse for the past three years; hope you find something useful.
Note: Due to file size restrictions, the download is broken in two parts; after purchasing go to the extras folder, and use the code provided at check out to download part two.


File size:
500 MB

• 374 - Xfer Serum Presets 
• Extras - 

Deftki -Xfer Serum Presets 01

SKU: DFT2346
$10.99 Regular Price
$5.79Sale Price
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