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DREAM WEAVER | 03.14.21 |

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Hey, We have new music, art, and media. As well as plenty of new changes coming to the website. Click here for the to go to the updates.


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This is the spot for all the new music, get info on the songs, listen, or download them here. 


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This is the new spot for all our media on the site.  Featured posts & photos from our socials can be found here.


Want to know more about us? Click here to go to the about page, here you will find info about Deftki, learn more about the music, or the gear we use.


Need to get a hold of us? Click here to go to our contact page. You can email us directly for both general & management inquiries here.

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NeW Music



Go here for all the new music, get info on the latest tracks, listen, download or stream them here. New things are on the way soon.


 Here be that old stuff! All the music from the journey, unusual sounds, unreleased tracks & plenty more. The archive has recently been updated!

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